You Need To Stay Visible!

This week I’ve heard a few people say that their business can’t operate online so there’s no point doing any marketing at the moment as nobody can actually buy anything. Now is the time they (and everyone else) should be doing MORE marketing, not less, to ensure they stay visible!

The same is true for you. If you don’t continue marketing, it will be like you’re starting again from scratch later on. Not a great situation to be in as there’ll be a big lag between you starting to market, and then getting new work again.

Even if there’s absolutely no way your business can do any paid work right now, you still need to be visible and be consistently seen out there. Once we come out of the other side of this situation, you don’t want to have been forgotten. People will soon forget about you and your business unless they are regularly reminded that you exist.

Whether you can work or not, you’ve probably got a bit more time in your day than before so why not use it wisely. A couple of suggestions are to get helpful content out there (through social media, blogs, podcasts, videos etc) on a daily basis, and to try some online networking. Thanks to Zoom (and others), online networking is now possible, and something I’ve jumped into myself. I’ve found it not only helps my business but also my sanity!

I totally get that everyone’s situation is different of course. Lots of people now have children at home rather than at school, and we don’t all have the ideal working environment. Some people actually have less time than before! Even if you don’t get time to do much, please do keep your business visible though. I guarantee you that spending just an hour a day marketing your business will help you far more in the long run, than watching yet another episode of Tiger King on Netflix 😉



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