You Can’t Do Everything

This week’s tip is all about not spreading yourself too thinly. As a small business, you’re often trying to do lots of things yourself. But you can’t do everything, not if you want to do those things well. This is really apparent in marketing where there are so many different avenues to explore, and always lots of new shiny things to use!

My advice is to concentrate on a couple of things, and do them really well rather than doing lots of things badly. For example, there are new social media platforms launching all the time that (self proclaimed) gurus say are “the next big thing” and that you “have to be on or risk missing out”. Although it’s good to keep an eye on them, I’d advise you to stick to more established ones where you already have relationships and know where your potential customers hang out.

Another example is Facebook Groups, where people decide to join hundreds and just drop their pitch into them all every so often and never post otherwise. This simply doesn’t work and is a waste of time. My advice with Facebook Groups is to only use 3 but get properly involved with them. Don’t just pitch! Be helpful and become a valuable member of that community over time. I’m not saying don’t sell at all. I’m saying sell to people who know and trust you already and want to buy from you.

Remember, you only have so many hours in a day, and only some of that time is for marketing, so do use it wisely 🙂



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