Who is your ideal customer?

Do you know who your ideal customer is? If not then I suggest you find out! Without knowing this, your marketing will be very hit and miss as you won’t know what message to put out there or where to put it. If your answer is “everyone” then again I think you need to work on that. If your marketing and message is trying to attract everyone, it will often attract no one.  

A good example could be an estate agent who when asked who they can help may say “anyone who wants to sell or buy a house”. Nobody really connects with that message. But, once they think about it, they can actually be much more specific and give a much clearer message. If they look at their existing customer base they’ll no doubt see some clear similarities especially around the type, size, and cost of properties they sell. So their messaging can change around that and be much more focused. When someone asks who they target, it could be a much clearer “we sell large family homes in the North Leeds area” or “we sell apartments to first time buyers in Manchester city centre”. That makes it so much easier for people to know if it suits them (either buying or selling) or to think of anyone else suitable they could introduce. Knowing your ideal customer makes your marketing much more focused and so much easier to carry out.

Another quick tip is to sanity check any marketing you put out there by thinking if it would suit your ideal customer. Look at an actual existing ideal customer of yours, let’s call him Bob. And then think how Bob would react if he saw it. Putting a real name and face to this really helps you decide if it’s good content to be putting out there. If Bob would like it, so would other people similar to him 🙂

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