The most important word in marketing!

This week I want to tell you the most important word in marketing. And that word is consistency.

For your marketing to be successful, you need to be consistent. Your branding should be consistent (people should recognise your materials from their look and colours alone), the message of what you do should be consistent (so it’s crystal clear what you do), and your target market should be consistent (so people know if you can help them in particular, or people who they know).

All the content you put out there needs to be consistent too. Not just with the things mentioned above, but also how often and when you publish. There’s little point in only marketing when you have nothing better to do. I see this all the time where suddenly someone is doings lots of marketing, but then gets busy and doesn’t post anything for 6 months when they are quiet again. It’s no surprise to me that the people and companies that are inconsistent with their marketing also seem to be the ones who’s workload is in a feast or famine cycle. These things are linked…

As an example of consistency with your content; it’s way better to publish a blog once a week, rather than publishing 2 articles a day for a week and then doing nothing for months. It really doesn’t look great when you look at someone’s website and it shows their last blog was from 2016 😉

So how do you become consistent with your marketing? It’s quite simple (but not always easy of course). You just need to have a plan of what you’ll do each day/week/month and stick to it. This doesn’t have to be complicated and could be as simple as having time scheduled (with a reminder) in your diary to carry out your marketing activities. Quite often, the simpler your system is, the better.

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