The importance of stories…

This week I want to remind you about the importance of storytelling in your marketing. You can massively increase the value of your products and services by telling the stories behind them.

For example, it was my son’s birthday last week and he received a lovely present from a friend. His friend knew exactly what they wanted to get him but when they went to the shop they’d seen it in, it had sadly closed down. But undeterred, they used their contacts in town and managed to find the shop owner and got in touch with them. They explained the situation and how much they wanted to buy this present for a friend’s birthday. The owner then agreed to hand-make one especially for my son. Once we heard the story behind the present it instantly became so much more valuable and significant to us.

Are you telling people the stories behind your products and services? It’s really worthwhile doing so. It’s a great way to not just build more value and a connection with people, but to come up with more content ideas for what you’re putting out there.

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