Stop making excuses, and start marketing

I need to get a top of the range camera first!

I’ll do it next week when I have more time!

I haven’t bought the right microphone yet!

I need to spend more time researching it!

These are all things I see and hear all the time when it comes to marketing and getting content out there. Typically, these are just excuses for not getting started though. Often this is driven by fear of the unknown and failure. It’s much easier not to do it and find excuses, as that way you can’t fail.

Well, actually you can, just in a different less obvious way. Without actively marketing yourself you won’t make sales, and a lack of sales is a much more important failure than thinking some content could have been more polished or got more likes or views!

I do understand your worries but if you want to be successful with marketing, you need to be visible. Things don’t have to be as amazingly produced as you think. What really matters is the content and value of the information you’re providing. 

I’m obviously not saying to put out any old rubbish, but as long as the quality (be that writing, audio, or video) of what you’re putting out is good enough to get your point across, it will work.

And one thing I can absolutely guarantee to you is this. You’ll make more sales from a video recorded on your phone where you stumble on a couple of words, than a perfectly planned and scripted multi camera angled recording session in a studio using a £5,000 camera that never actually happens…

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