Stop asking for feedback!

That headline may sound like the opposite of what you’d expect, so let me clarify. Stop asking for feedback… from the wrong people! All too often I see people publically asking for feedback on ideas, products, and services. But that feedback is from the wrong audience. The feedback is only really valid if it’s from the people who will use that new idea, product, or service.

For example, if you sell accessories for Ferrari’s then you need to be getting feedback from Ferrari owners. If you have some new carbon fibre mirrors for sale at £900 (true story btw!) your uncle Joe may say that nobody will buy them as they cost more than his 10 year old Ford Focus. A Ferrari owner who’s just spent £250k on a new car and wants to personalise it (i.e. your target market) will have a very different opinion. It’s their feedback you want, not uncle Joe’s!

So this week’s tip is to be careful who you listen to when getting feedback. Make sure they are actually the sort of person that your product or service is aimed at.

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