Sales isn’t a dirty word!

As you know, I’m a big believer in the power of content marketing and giving away free content with hints and tips just like this weekly email I put out!

But one mistake I’ve made myself in the past, and see other people making, is to think that if they’re giving things away, they shouldn’t try and sell anything too. Sales is not a dirty word as without it, you’ll have no company left to be able to provide any free content.

I want to tell you that it’s ok to sell! As long as you do it openly and honestly. I think we’ve all seen the “free help” article that starts off well but ends up being a sales pitch. That’s definitely not what I’m talking about doing.

So today’s tip is simply a reminder to let people know what you sell and how that can help them.

Below is my sales pitch to you. If you want to stop reading now, that’s cool and just skip to the last paragraph. But I hope you won’t as I genuinely believe I can help people with their marketing even more by using my paid services.

I do this in three ways…

I can provide low cost training courses that teach you about an area of marketing (e.g. blogging, creating videos, starting a podcast etc). There are 20+ of these on the website at just £10+Vat each.

I also offer 1to1 advice and consultancy if people need help in a particular area of their marketing. So if you need help with something specific, just get in touch.

And finally, I’ve just launched a “done for” marketing service that came about because I’ve heard the same thing from so many small business owners over the past few months. They’ve said they know they should be marketing but don’t have the time or inclination to do it and just want someone to do it for them. If that’s you take a look here and drop me a message.

But I’m also totally cool with people subscribing to and implementing the free tips and never spending a penny with me if it helps them out.

If you’ve got any questions just head to the Ten Minute Marketing Facebook group here and ask me there or reply to this article. 



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