Marketing Training

Are you a small business owner struggling with marketing? You probably think that you don’t have the knowledge, time, or money for successful marketing.

I’m Richard, the founder of Ten Minute Marketing, and I get it as I’ve been there myself! Having run small businesses for the last 20+ years I had to learn how to “do marketing”. Ten Minute Marketing is how I decided to share this experience to help other small business owners with their own marketing. 

Each course is delivered via email over the course of a week (Monday to Friday) in simple bite sized chunks that should take just 10 minutes per day. At the end of the week you’ll have learnt a whole new marketing skill.

Everything that TMM teaches is based on successful real world experience rather than just theory. Below is our selection of proven marketing courses we’ve put together on specific topics.

If you need help with something specific or a subject that isn’t listed below, we also offer 1to1 consultancy.

Using Video To Get More Sales

Video is huge right now but lots of people are doing it badly, or not at all. This course takes you through the basics of using video to win more business.


How To Stand Out From Your Competition

You don’t want to look and behave like everyone else in your industry. This course shows you how to stand out, and for the right reasons!


How To Be Consistent In Your Marketing

One of the most important things to be successful with your marketing. This course walks you through a process of how to be just that.


5 Quick Ways To Win With Your Marketing

Sometimes you just want some quick fire tips to help you win with your marketing activities. Here are 5 of those tips!


Blogging For More Business

Blogging can play a huge part in attracting the right potential customers to your door. This course shows you how to do it right.


Boost Your Business Networking

Business networking is a really powerful tool as part of your marketing strategy. Here’s how to make it work rather than it being a waste of your time.


How To Get Found On Google

Getting found is obviously massively important. This course helps you get found by the right prospective customers.


Starting And Building Your Youtube Channel

Video is really important and YouTube is the biggest video platform out there. This course shows you the best way to make the most of it.


Success With Social Media

Using social media effectively should be one of the most important marketing skills you learn. This course shows you how to use it successfully.


How To Start A Podcast - It's Easier Than You Think!

Podcasts and podcasting is huge right now. Most people think it’s complex and expensive to do. It’s not and this course shows you how to do it yourself.


How To Create Your Own Social Media Images, Quickly And Easily

Branded images massively help on social media. This course shows that you don’t necessarily have to pay a graphic designer every time you need a new image to post.


Level Up Your LinkedIn Usage

LinkedIn has long been the social network to use for business focused connections. This course shows you how to use it more effectively.


Getting More Bang For Your Buck From Your Content

We all spend a lot of time creating great content. But are you making the most of it? This course shows you how to get even more from your content and ideas.


How To Avoid Failure With Your Marketing

Nobody like their marketing to fail. There are some key things you can to do make sure yours doesn’t and this course shows you how to do things the right way.


How To Be More Successful With Your Writing

The words you use in your marketing around a certain subject can be the difference between success and failure. This course makes sure your writing is a success!


How To Sell More Of What You Already Have

If you think you’ve exhausted your market and are doing everything you can to sell what you have, think again. This course helps you sell more of your existing products or services.