How to view your real Google search results

People often check how well they are doing in the search results on Google. I highly recommend you do so, but also make sure that you are seeing the real results. What most people do is simply go to Google and enter the search term (which could just be their company name or their product/service/area).

The problem with doing that is you will get skewed results based on your previous searches and your online activity. So if you’ve spent time on your own website (which you no doubt will have) it will show much higher in searches than it will for other people.

So the solution to this is to do the searches as a user with no history. The easiest way to do this is to open a new incognito window (on Chrome, Safari calls it private browsing) in your browser. You can do this from the “File” menu. Once open, you can do your searches as usual and see the real search results.

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