How To Remove The Background Of A Photo In Seconds!

This week’s tip is a practical one. We all use images in our marketing (or at least we should!) but I often see people doing so badly with a lovely image ruined by the addition of a logo pasted on a large square white background, or adverts using poorly cut out product images etc.

I’d like to share a tool with you that can massively improve your images. Basically, this tool takes any image and removes the background for you automatically in seconds. The tool is free to use (as long as you don’t need lots of very high resolution images which you probably don’t), works online so there’s nothing to install, and it works brilliantly. It’s called RemoveBg and you can access it at

For example, you may have a photo of a product on a wooden table but want an image of it on a crisp white background for use in your online shop. Or you may want to put a photo of yourself in an advert on top of a different background.

As a picture paints 1,000 words, here’s an example I used myself this week. Here’s the original photo with a less than ideal “busy” background.

I then used RemoveBg to remove the background as follows.

And then I used this new image to paste into the final flyer for an online event I was speaking at.

As you can see, it works brilliantly and is super simple to use. In the past you’d have had to know Photoshop or pay someone to do things like this so I think it’s a tool definitely worth having in your virtual tool chest.



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