How To Record Your Computer Screen. Quickly, Easily, And For FREE!

Last week’s practical “how to” tip was really well received so here’s another!

Being able to quickly and easily record your computer screen has lots of benefits, especially at the current time when you can’t just show people something face to face. From a marketing perspective, it can be really powerful to demonstrate a software product, creating how to and example videos, as well as loads of other practical uses too.

In the past this hasn’t been simple to do and would need special software installed, editing afterwards etc, and then actually distributing the video would be a pain too. I’ve used various bits of software and different ways to do this but it was never quick and easy.

But a couple of years ago I discovered a great tool called Loom that I’ve used extensively and am a huge fan of. It does exactly what most people want. No complicated software to install and it’s super easy to use. It even lets you record your webcam at the same time so people get to see and hear you as well as what’s on your screen. Once you’ve finished recording, you simply share a link and other people can then view (and even comment). Oh, and it’s free too.

To give it a go yourself, just head to



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