How To Prove How Good You Are

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if potential customers don’t know it too. Yes, you can tell people how great you are, but why should they believe you? People are far more likely to believe an existing customer singing your praises which is why testimonials are so important. Yes, this weeks tip is all about testimonials and reviews.

Firstly, make sure you get these and build your requests for them into your sales process. And talking of process, make this process as simple as possible for your customer. Don’t just ask “Could I have a testimonial?”. Make it easy for them, tell them where you’d like it (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tripadvisor etc) and how to do it. In most cases, you can send them a link that goes directly to the page for them to leave a review. If they can do it with one click they are far more likely to do it than if they need to seek you out on a platform and then figure out how to leave a review.

Once you do have a testimonial or review, brilliant, but it’s also just the start of it. Make sure you actually use it! Most people do so once and then forget all about it. Again, build it into your ongoing marketing process. There’s no point going to lots of effort getting a testimonial, creating nice graphics and images using it, and then posting it once on social media. Keep using all your testimonials constantly. For example, add them to your website, post them on social media, add them to your email signature etc.

Hopefully, this article has reminded you to use your testimonials and reviews, so even if you do nothing else with this info, why not share a previous testimonial on social media today 🙂

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