How to find the best blog titles

I can’t stress how important good titles are for any content you put out there. A good title can honestly make the difference between success or failure of your content.

So what makes a good title? Firstly it should entice the reader to want to know more. It should REALLY make them want to click on that link. Secondly, if used in public (such as a blog, YouTube video title etc) it should be something that your target audience is actively looking for to help it get found by searches. It’s this second point I’m going to help with this week.

If you’ve always wondered what people are searching for, Google itself will actually tell you. If you head to Google and enter a search, after all the search results at the bottom of the page is a section titled “Searches related to…”. This shows lots of relevant searches that people are looking for.

For example, a search for “boil an egg” shows some useful related searches as follows:

“how to soft boil an egg”
“how long to boil an egg for hard boiled eggs”
“how to boil eggs step by step”

These would all make great titles for someone interested in boiling eggs.

TOP TIP – “How to” titles always perform REALLY well btw!

Another bonus of these related searches is to get ideas for other similar content you could create content about. In this example you may want to use the following as new content ideas:

“how to peel a boiled egg”
“soft boiled egg timer online”

So next time you create any content, take your current title, put it into Google, and check out the related searches. It may just help you write a better performing content title 🙂

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