Guest Marketing Tip From Stuart How The Celebrity Hypnotist

I like to keep things fresh and interesting so this week we have a guest tip from someone who has been nailing their marketing for the last year and is now reaping the rewards. This guest is Stuart How the celebrity hypnotist who gave the following tip…

Always talk about your day. If you look at Stuart’s social media, he constantly shares what he’s doing throughout his day. So he’ll post about how he’s trained someone in hypnotherapy, how he’s helped someone quit smoking, or how he helped someone with weight loss. He doesn’t post sales messages all day long, he just shares the stories of people he’s working with and how he’s helping them. And by telling people what he does, people start to listen and start to understand his story and how he may be able to help them too. Once people are invested in him, they are far more likely to invest in his products and become his customers. So start telling your story, and start talking about your day in your marketing.

To see the kind of things Stuart posts, take a look at his social media over on Facebook here.

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