Don’t try and do too much

It might sound counter-intuitive but stop trying to do everything in your marketing.

If you do a bit of research or ask a marketeer about marketing you’ll typically get told you should be spending hours posting and engaging on social media, blogging, writing emails, publishing videos, recording podcasts, doing Facebook live’s etc etc.

That’s all well and good and a great approach to marketing if you have the time or someone dedicated to doing so. But the newer you are to marketing, and the smaller your company is, the less chance there is of this being achievable. Not only do you need to learn how to make each of these things work the best for you, but you also have to find the time to carry out all these tasks consistently week in week out. Most people can’t commit to the amount of time needed to do so properly.

So what I suggest is to spend a bit of time researching what form of marketing you think will work best for you and focus purely on this. At least initially. Once you’ve been doing one form of marketing for a while, you’ll find it becomes quicker and easier to do. At that point, you can add the next marketing activity into the mix and keep building it up in that way.

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