A vital element of marketing that’s often overlooked

So what is often overlooked, or at least underused in most people’s marketing? Distribution.

Lots of people spend an awful lot of time putting together content, especially with things like blogs. They spend hours researching and carefully crafting everything, publish the new blog on their website, and then consider that the job is done and move onto the next thing on their task list.

But publishing content is only part of what’s needed. There’s no point having all this great content if nobody sees it. That’s where distribution comes in. Yes, you need to be telling people about it as soon as it’s published, but you also need to continue trying to tell people about it.

What typically works well is using social media to post about any new content at least daily for at least a week after it’s first published. Remember, just because you’re posting doesn’t mean that people are actually seeing it. Because of the way most social media algorithms work, only a very small proportion of your connections will actually see it. By posting it multiple times, you then increase the chances of them seeing it.

But even after that first flurry of activity, you should still continue to post about it regularly. Not as much as when it’s new, but do keep reminding people about it as well as letting any new connections know it exists.

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