A Marketing Checklist – The 5 things you should always check!

Before you publish any form of marketing, I always think it’s worth doing the following 5 point sanity check. This is quick and easy to do but is really worthwhile to make sure that your marketing is effective and that nothing ever gets missed.

Here are the 5 things you should always check before publishing:

1 – Branded – Is it branded with your brand style/colours/fonts?
2 – Exciting – Is it exciting or interesting enough to get read and remembered or actioned?
3 – Valuable – Does it give something of genuinely valuable to people?
4 – Call to action – Is there a call to action? You need to tell people what action to take.
5 – Target market – Is it aimed at your target market? The more specific the better.

Keep this list somewhere and get into the habit of referring to it whenever you publish anything. I personally use Google Sheets for simple processes and checklists like this to make sure they always get done. But your system could be as simple as those 5 points written on a sticky note on your desk!

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